The Dark One Worm
  • Character: Evil force
  • Personality: Destructive
  • First Appeared: I, Chiro
  • Last Appeared: Wormhole

The Dark One Worm is part of the Dark Ones, a race of trans-dimensional demons created by an unknown evil force in the beginning of time to end creation. It's born from the core of the planet Shuggazoom. While many of the Dark Ones still trapped in their home dimension the Netherworld, countless others including the Dark One Worm sealed within the core of countless planets, waiting to awaken to begin their mission to destroy the universe. Skeleton King, a devoted disciple to the Dark Ones created the Pit of Doom as a conduit to connect the Citadel of Bone and corrupted the Power Primate to awaken the Dark One from its slumber to destroy the universe. The Dark One Worm's antenna attaching to the back of Skeleton King's decapitated head to become the Skeleton King Worm.

The Dark One Worm is similar to the Space Slug from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and The Worm that Gnaws in the Night.


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