Flytor is the 9th episode of the series.

Season 1, Episode 9
Air date November 11th 2004
Written by Brandon Sawyer
Directed by Fumio Maezono and Ciro Nieli
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A Man Called Krinkle


Chiro, whom is tired of giving up his precious time to protect Shuggazoom City, suggests that an automatic defense system should be constructed to keep Shuggazoom City safe, so he doesn't have to. Otto and Gibson create the perfect line of defense, and it works magnificently after an attack by a weird space creature. But things start to get out of hand when three horrifying beasts slip through the cracks. The team successfully captures them, only to have them merge and go on a destruction spree! Now Chiro must take responsibility for relying on a machine to do the job that he was chosen to do, and stop Flytor, even if it means shutting down their impressive defense grid for good.

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