Magnetic Menace is the 4th episode of the series.

Magnetic Menace
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date October 9th 2004
Written by Kevin Campbell
Directed by Fumio Maezono and Ciro Nieli
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The Sun Riders


On patrol of the city, Sparx detects a strange force nearby. Chiro is eager to watch his favorite TV show, Sun Riders, so the magnet-fisted monkey insists that he go alone. He hasn't gone far when the other monkeys realize he's disappeared, and they can't contact him in any way. They set out to find him. After a bumpy ride in the Super Robot, they find themselves stranded in a wasteland of junk, occupied by Lord Scrapperton. A man who has upgraded all of his human parts to make himself fully robot. But this guy seems way too happy, and Chiro is suspicious. He keeps the cybernetic collector busy while the monkeys search for their friend.

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