Mandarin Snowbound.jpg
Mandarin the Orange Monkey
  • Vehicle: Torso Tank Driver 1 (Former)
  • Weapon: Energy Sword and Shield
  • Gender: Male
  • Voiced by: James Hong


Mandarin is the infamous sixth monkey, who was the original leader of the Hyperforce. He isn't like the other monkeys who are part robot (though he once was as seen in flashbacks during Secret of the Sixth Monkey, In the Grip of Evil and Snowbound), which explains why he has orange gauntlets to emit his energy sword and shield. He also has armor. He wanted to not only protect Shuggazoom but rule it as well. His teammates didn't like this. So as a last resort, they banished him to an off-world prison called the Hostile Outlaw Observation Prison (in the shape of a hoop). He remained in a sleep state until the Skeleton King awakened him from his dreams of the deaths of his former teammates ("countless fantasies played out in the black sleep of stasis," as he puts it). Once, he even replicated several clones of Chiro using Chiro's DNA and molecular structure, however he failed miserably and Skeleton King replaced him with a more obedient clone. In Night of Fear, his biggest fear is Valeena despite managing to silence her when she is still trapped in the medallion.


Mandarin was the original leader of the Monkey Team. He's initially described by Antauri, who in addition to these qualities, said to have a good heart, much like Chiro. However, he had dark aspects during his days as a normal monkey. He's irritated with Sparx and Nova's spat and was able to frightened them with a glare, possibly hinting at an easily irritable and no-nonsense sort of personality. A characterizing moment was where when the Gate of the Dark Ones seen in Golden Age; he's the only monkey not be cowering in fear, merely showing shock and vile fascination. He also screeched at one of them while jumping on the machine, showing a form of either recklessness or intense drive. Chiro also described him as always being obsessed with learning. He also seems to have a thirst for power and an enormous ego, having coming to the conclusion that his team or at the least him, was above serving as mere guardian of the city. He wanted to rule over it, something his comrades didn't agree to. He appears to have grown resentful for their betrayal. Despite this, he fascinated with his replacement, Chiro, seeing something similar in them.

In Versus Chiro, he had failed Skeleton King too many times, so he decides to replace him with a bone-armored clone. 'Mandarin 2' was similar though was more evil, ruthless and erratic in behavior. He's afraid of Valeena and seemed to have fallen from his former power. Despite this, he still remains a big threat as he is still by Skeleton King's side.


Not much is known about Mandarin in terms with the rest of the team. Back when he was still a normal monkey, he had displayed some of his darker tendencies such as his irritation with Sparx and Nova's bickering. His anger was enough to scare the two. The Alchemist told him that he wants everyone to get along and no picking on each other.

He inadvertently caused the accident which turned the Alchemist into the Skeleton King. When the Alchemist and Captain Shuggazoom were viewing the Dark Ones, he was the only one not afraid, having a look of shock and abhor fascination. He approached the gate before yelling at one of them and jumping on the machine, causing to malfunction and letting loose two of the Dark Ones, one of which corrupted the Alchemist to where he eventually became the Skeleton King.

During his time as team leader, not much is known outside the time he was training Nova to deal with the harsh cold and she unleashed her temper on him. Eventually, his thirst for power grew to where he wanted to take over and rule Shuggazoom, something that the rest of team would not let happen. Eventually, they exiled him and he remained in stasis until Chiro accidentally awoke him when he turned on his shield.

After his first battle with the team, he was found by Skeleton King and turned into something of a monster, In the episode, Versus Chiro, he's replaced by a clone of him personally made by Skeleton King and to the dungeon.

'Mandarin 2' retains mostly the same personality and memories as the original, though he seems a bit more irrational and erratic. This could be from the modifications Skeleton King had done on the clone. The replica has continued to fight Chiro and the rest of the Hyperforce, even appearing by the revived Skeleton King's side at the end. He partnered with Valeena out of fear and necessity; though he's spared while she's killed off when she's no longer needed.


The original Mandarin fought with his shield and sword as his weapons. He didn't display many of his abilities, though he created a force orb in his initial appearance and may have some other forms of telepathy. His duplicate also had his Sword and Shield before being having one of his hands become a claw of bone.

  • Monkey Mind Scream: A attack that is just like Antauri's and Chiro's, which is the user screaming energy waves at the opponent.
  • Monkey Slash Claw: Self-explnatory.


Chiro: Mandarin was surprised when Chiro activated Mandarin's weapons and learned that Chiro has the power primate. Because of their similarities, he had tried to get Chiro over to his side. Skeleton King commented on his choice of having Chiro rule by Mandarin's side as "a reflection of yourself." He refers to Chiro has 'my hairless monkey.'

Hyperforce: He appears to be angry and bitter for them exiling him from Shuggazoom. They are now enemies. Not much is known about their individual relationships, though Antauri may have had the most respect for him, he was tough on Nova, taught Sparx some of his piloting techniques, and Otto was once his closest ally. It's implied Mandarin and Antauri trained together at the Veron Temple.

Skeleton King: Despite the original Mandarin failing him, Skeleton King created a clone and the clone was loyal to where it's because of him, the Skeleton King was eventually able to revive. Also, while Skeleton King killed off the more powerful Valeena, Mandarin 2 appeared by his side in the final episode.

Valeena: They have a tough relationship. He's scared of her while she's annoyed by him. Despite this, he saved her because of her knowledge on Skeleton King surpasses his, so they have some slight form of comradeship.

Otto: Before Mandarin turned evil, Otto was his closest ally or best friend. Now that he is evil, though, nothing is between them other than rivalry.


It's said that before Mandarin became evil he and Otto were close friends. In Soul of Evil, Mandarin said while fighting Otto: "You were once my closest ally Otto." It's also said that he once had a pure heart like Chiro

It's unknown what his original fear was.

He displayed the least amount of named moves compared to the other monkeys.

The Mandarin clone is the only formless to have artificial intelligence instead of being a mindless drone. Also unlike the others he's not so easily killed.

It's never revealed what happened to the real Mandarin. He's taken away into the shadows by two red formless and was never seen again.


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