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Master Offay


Master Offay, also known as the Hard Master, runs an interplanetary dojo on the Planet Galaxia and was Nova's former Martial Arts trainer. The Hyperforce meets him on their quest to destroy the Skeleton King Worm and discovered that Galaxia was corrupted by the Dark One's passage, turing all of its inhabitants into mindless battle crazed monsters that fight in the Monster Battle Club, a vicious and brutal tournament. When Chiro becomes infected by Galaxia's corrupted atmosphere, Master Offay helps Chiro to control his new savage monster form by training him in the ancient ways of Monster Fighting, where a still spirit can conquer any obstacle. When Chiro defeats all off the contestants of the Monster Battle Club, he learns that the Warlord, the head champion who created the tournament is Master Offay, who's mind was warped by the Skeleton King Worm's power. To bring Master Offay to his true senses, Chiro uses Master Offay's teachings and the Power Primate to subdue him. Master Offay was last seen on screen as one the allies that will aid the Hyperforce in the last battle against the resurrected Skeleton King and his army of the undead.


His voice actor Mako Iwamatsu, was known for voicing Aku in Samurai Jack; and Iroh in Avatar: the Last Airbender up until his death in 2006.

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