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Prometheus Five

Slingshot, a.k.a. Prometheus Five, the fifth and most recent in a series of robots of which the Super Robot is the first.

As his name implies, beyond standard flight abilities, Slingshot can create energy balls from his hands and use them to propel himself forward at high speed, causing him to move fast enough, to puncture even the toughest of metals. Shortly after Slingshot's completed, one of his creators, Professor Maezono, attempted to transplant his own brain into Slingshot's robotic shell as a means of becoming the ultimate death machine. However, his partner, Dr. Takeuchi, removed the power cord during the process as a means of stopping him. The resulting overload caused a massive explosion, killing Dr. Takauchi and reducing Professor Maezono to a disembodied brain. Slingshot blames Maezono for Takauchi's death, and has been battling the mad professor, who wants to see him destroyed, ever since.

Unlike the Super Robot, Slingshot's capable of using human speech and he can hear, understand and translate the silent speech of the Super Robot.

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