Prototype is the 37th episode of the series.

Season 3, Episode 11
Air date February 5th 2006 USA

July 8, 2006 Canada

Written by Mark Henry
Directed by Fumio Maezono and Alan Wan
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Hot on the Dark One's trail, the Super Robot suddenly changes its course to a barren planet stripped of its resources, leaving the Monkey Team baffled. They wind up in a strange laboratory where they encounter a brilliant scientist who has been reduced to nothing but a brain - and claims that he is one of the Super Robot's creators. It turns out that it was the prototype of a long line of fighting robots and the most recent one, the Prometheus Five, that has relentlessly attacking the scientist and his creations. The team sets out to help, but the Super Robot won't seem to let them attack this new robot. In fact, the two actually communicate! And through this, the Hyperforce and the Robot learned that there is more to the story than the scientist has told them.

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