Any disobedience and/or one or more rules are broken will result in blocking.

  1. Upload high quality pictures only.
  2. Fan-made characters are unacceptable.
  3. Users can only edit pages for either proofreading, adding more information or images.
  4. Only facts are allowed, not fan speculation.
  5. Personal criticism isn't allowed. Anybody who wants to give personal opinions should post them in the blogs or forums.
  6. If any user wants to add a new page, they must be occupied with image(s) and information. One sentence doesn't count.
  7. Posting mesaages on one's wall is unacceptable. A user is only allowed to post messages on another user's wall.
  8. No requests as they don't count as contributing.
  9. Uploads not relating to the show aren't allowed.
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