Shuggazoom is the home planet of Chiro and the Hyperforce.

Shuggazoom as seen in outer space

Shuggazoom City

Shuggazoom City is the one and the only city on planet Shuggazoom and Chiro's home and also the last place that can defend itself from the Skeleton King because it's also the monkeys' home.

Hostile Depths of the Shuggazoom Sea

Along with being built over a volcanic subterranean reservoir, Shuggazoom City is surrounded by salty water about as deep as forty thousand mega-fathoms (twenty thousand leagues or more) that is full of strange creatures, half of which could be dangerous even without Skeleton King's influence, and a few of which -- such as Krogoyoth -- are so extraordinarily threatening that they had been brushed off as a myth after being sealed away in the hostile depths, where the greatest underwater dangers reside including sulfur vents and haunted shipwrecks.

Savage Lands

A tropical jungle that lies hidden within a series of caves beneath Shuggazoom's surface. The jungle contains large deposits of the black ooze that is used to create the Formless, and thus the environment's inhabited by various Formless.


It's likely that the Savage Lands were once inhabited by some sort of ancient civilization, as the area houses a great deal of seemingly ancient temples and tombs. One of these temples was used as Valeena's base of operations, and it's likely that she was there from the time she received her powers from Skeleton King. The Savage Lands were also the location of the Alchemist's laboratory.

Sea of Ice

A frozen plain occupied only by Morlath, the frost demon, and his snow monsters.

Blasted Lands

An area with a volcano and unstable landscape and the site of a massive and violent war.

Arcane Isle

A small island housing a large monoliths that serves as a portal to the Netherworld, the home dimension of the Dark Ones.


Some fans first thought the planet was Earth, but it reveals that Shuggazoom is another planet.

They are not far off, though, as an early pitch for the show took place on futuristic Earth in a fictional place called Pachinko Town, which is a colorful and busy place that gives off the feel of living inside a pinball machine, surrounded by abandoned pollution-spewing factories, wastelands, monsters and biker gangs that make the outside world seem so horrible that the city residents would rather have their home protected then actually leave. Eventually it was renamed Shuggazoom City, the sole surviving area of Planet Shuggazoom, but the concept of design remained similar.

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