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The Super Robot

The Super Robot serves as the essential mech for the Hyperforce, in order to take down villains that are bigger than the Monkey Team. Like them, the Super Robot has lots of different functions, including dividing itself up into smaller vehicles. It's established that the robot is in some ways alive.

It's revealed that he was the first in a list of ultimate fighting robots having been created by Professor Maezono, Dr. Takeuchi and a third unnamed scientist. After the creation of the Super Robot, it along with the third scientist vanished before it somehow ended up in the possession of the Alchemist.



  • Lazatron Fury
  • Torso Cannons
  • Torso Rockets
  • Finger Missiles
  • Rocket Punches
  • Flame Strike
  • Eyebeams
  • Frezze Ray
  • Antenna Ray
  • Arm Rockets
  • Foot Rockets


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