The Alchemist


The creator of the Monkey Team, he is a very important individual. He sought to help the world with his knowledge on science and magic. During the old days, he created weapons as well as working on the silver monkey to assist his best friend, Captain Shuggazoom. He is often referred to as simply the Alchemist.

However, everything changed one day. Having had a weapon of his returned by the Captain, he showed his friend a portal which peered into the Netherworld, home of the Dark Ones. Despite his friend's protests, he felt safe the beings could not interact with them. He was wrong. In an attempt to intimidate one of the Dark Ones, Mandarin inadvertently causes the machine to malfunction. This resulted in the escape of two of the Dark Ones. One corrupted The Alchemist down to his essence and "changed him from within." The other escaped to wreak havoc before The Captain went to stop it. In his final days, he reported this to his friend before converting his weapons as part of armor for the Monkey Team. He then sealed them up in the Super Robot to serve as protectors of Shuggazoom and wiped their memories before he completed his transformation to the Skeleton King.


Captain Shuggazoom: The Alchemist and Captain Shuggazoom were best friends, both serving to protect and fight in the name of good. Usually, the Alchemist assisted the Captain, having been working on the Silver Monkey to serve as a partner for the Captain. The Captain becomes aware of what happened to his friend in Golden Age. It is unknown how long they have known each other though the Alchemist calling him old friend may imply they known each other for a long while.

Hyperforce: He raised the monkeys in his lab. He appeared to care for them all and lecture when needed. It appeared that he wanted everyone to get along, hinting they were a team from the start. Not much interaction with each monkey is known, though he was aware of Gibson's intelligence as well as keeping Sparx and Nova from fighting as well as lecturing Mandarin for his temper. During the moment when the monkeys' memories are getting erased, he and Nova shows a strong father-daughter relationship, with Nova refusing to forget him.


  • His first mention was in In the Grip of Evil. Here, the monkeys discover about their origins as well as we see the Alchemist as a spirit of sorts. We later see more of him in Golden Age and I, Chiro.
  • His robe was an item needed to resurrect the Skeleton King as Valeena stated that the first item was "an item belonging to the Alchemist." It's unknown how she knew this, though Mandarin may have remembered and told her. She may have also known as she's a disciple of the Skeleton King.
  • There are subtle problems with when he became the Skeleton King. During In the Grip of Evil, he gave Nova a farewell in her armored form before sealing them and wiping their memories before becoming the Skeleton King. In Golden Age, we see that he is just working on the armor as he's corrupted and says he hopes the captain finishes his mission and come back 'to say goodbye.' Also in The Savage Lands Part 1 we have him explaining the silver monkey and what it was missing whereas in Golden Age, he is still working on it. He may have have worked on the silver monkey along with the others as a contingency plan or was merely referring to it being uncompleted as not figuring out what was missing.
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